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 Dr. Mamie Allen Fayetteville Academy 3rd grade Name:  Dr. Mamie Allen
Title:  3rd Grade Instructor
Email:  mallen@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3106

Dr. Allen has been awarded three degrees: B.S. Elementary Education, Masters in School Administration, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UNC at Fayetteville. While achieving these degrees, Dr. Allen taught in a local public school district for nine years, DODD schools in Germany for seven years, and served for 12 years on a school administrative team. Subsequently retiring in 2014 with 28 years of educational experience, from the North Carolina Department Public Instruction, Dr. Allen started teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at Sandhills Community College. After teaching at the community college for two years, she decided to add another educational opportunity to her experiences and she accepted a position at Fayetteville Academy.

 I am very excited about joining such a dynamic team of educators. With my plethora of degrees, and educational experiences, I know that I will be a better instructor because of my diverse training. I also want to offer my son an educational choice.

Name:  Jonathan Andrews
Title:  Band Director
Email:  jandrews@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3557


 Patti-Ashley-6th-Grade-English-Instructor Name:  Patti Ashley
Title:  6th Grade English Instructor
Email:  pashley@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3229

Mrs. Ashley was awarded  a B.A. from Butler University’s Department of Education in History and a minor in English Literature. She has over fifteen years teaching experience.

” I am thrilled to be teaching again in such a great environment. My goals are to pass on to the students my love of words and history.”

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Esteicy-Bahamon-Spanish-Instructor  Name:  Esteicy Bahamon
Title:  Spanish Instructor
Email:  ebahamon@fayacademy.org

Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3224

Mrs. Bahamon has a B.A. in Spanish and English Education from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional of Bogotá, Colombia. She has six years of experience as a language coordinator and teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language. She will be teaching SPA IB, SPA I and SPA II. 

” I am delighted to be  part  of the World Languages Department team  at Fayetteville Academy. My personal goal as a teacher is to inspire the students to learn and love the Spanish language”


Kristin-Ballew Name:  Kristin Ballew
Title:  8th Grade World Geography & World History (CP & AP) Instructor
Email:  kballew@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3230

Mrs. Ballew has six years of teaching experience in middle and high school Social Studies. She has taught both CP and AP level classes in public school systems in Tennessee and most recently in the Cumberland County School System. She has a B.A. in Social Studies obtaining a major in Geography with minors in History and Business, and a Masters degree in Secondary Education from the University of Tennessee. She will be joining the Fayetteville Academy community teaching 8th grade World Geography and both CP and AP World History. 



Name:  Chip Bishop

Title: Director of Athletics

Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3549

Mr. Bishop holds a B.A. from UNC-Pembroke and an M.A. from Campbell University.  Chip oversees all athletic teams and the entire athletic program grades 7-12.  He has served the Academy since 1982 and has been an educator since 1974.

“I have worked at the Academy for so long because I enjoy the relationships I have with my peers, the student-athletes and parents interested in a well-rounded educational experience for their children.”


  Name:  Rubi Blancas
Title:  Spanish Instructor (part-time)
Email:  rblancas@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3222

Ms. Blancas holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico. She worked for two years as a substitute teacher at the elementary and middle school levels at the American School Foundation in Mexico City. Ms. Blancas served as a consultant/assessor to the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico City for three years.  In that role, she helped promote a program of collaboration between schools in Mexico and Chicago.  During the last nine years, Ms. Blancas has also held positions as a project coordinator at a national program office in the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime. 


  Name:  Wanda Bordone
Title:  Middle School English Instructor
Email:  wbordone@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3234

Holding a B.A. from Methodist University and M.A. from Campbell University, Mrs. Bordone teaches English 7 and 8 College-Preparatory and Honors courses. Since 1990 she has served the Academy and has been an educator since 1981.

“At the Academy I enjoy teaching our seventh and eighth grade students because they are interested in analyzing literature, discussing it with depth of thought, and applying correct grammar to their speech and to various types of well-developed writing.”


  Name:  Sonya Bruffey
Title:  Director of Alumni Relations & Publications
Email:  sbruffey@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3312

Prior to her employment in 2000, Ms. Bruffey was a member of the Board of Trustees, chaired the Auction and Grand Garage Sale, served as treasurer of the Eagle club, and volunteered in the school store.

“Fayetteville Academy will always hold a special place in my heart.  My sister is a 1982 graduate, my daughter is a 2002 graduate who attended the Academy for 14 years, and my two stepsons are 2002 and 2005 graduates.  My son, and another stepson also attended the Academy.  This is a wonderful place steeped in tradition, with a family atmosphere, and it is a great place to work.”


  Name:  Melissa Bruns
Title:  Kindergarten Instructor
Email:  mbruns@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3110

Mrs. Bruns holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa.  Melissa teaches 2nd Grade.  She has served the Academy since 2007 and has been an educator since 1983.

“It is truly a joy and privilege to teach at the Academy each day.  Not only is it a safe and caring atmosphere, but I feel young children have an opportunity to learn and grow to their fullest potential.”


  Name:  Dawn Burt
Title:  Head of Lower School
Email:  dburt@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3322

Mrs. Burt holds a Bachelor’s Degree from West Virginia University with an emphasis in Child Development and Family Studies. She was awarded the Teacher of the Year at Upchurch Elementary in 2004 and was a member of the Phi Upsilon Omicron National Honor Fraternity.  Dawn has been an educator since 2000 and has been teaching Pre-Kindergarten at the academy since 2011.


   Name:  Kendra Byrd
 Title:  Middle & Upper Math Instructor
 Email:  kbyrd@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, 3242

Mrs. Byrd holds a B.A. in Spanish with minors in Math Education and Music. She taught high school Spanish in California before moving to North Carolina where she taught two years for Cumberland County schools teaching both middle school Spanish and Math. She currently teaches Pre-Algebra B and the Algebra 1 classes for the Middle and Upper schools.

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  Name:  Patsi D’Alpe
Title:  1st Grade Instructor
Email:  pdalpe@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3109

Ms. D’Alpe holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and an M.A. from Campbell University. Patsi teaches 1st grade.  She has served the Academy since 2005 and has been an educator since 1973.

“I love coming to work knowing my students are self-motivated to learn and to be challenged.  Our school community has a warm family atmosphere of care and concern for all.  Our curriculum is outstanding and I am able to teach what needs to be taught every day.”


  Name:  Pam Darden
Title:  Director of College Counseling
Email:  pdarden@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3305

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  Name:  Joanna Frady
Title:  Assistant College Counselor
Email:  jfrady@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3315

Ms. Frady returns to the Academy for a second time.  She holds a B.A in English and History and a M.A. in American Studies from The College of William and Mary. She also has her M.Ed. in School Counseling from SUNY at Buffalo.  Ms. Frady served at the Academy from 2005-2010 as first the School Counselor and then the Director of College Counseling.  Prior to her time at F.A., she served as either an Assistant Dean or Director of Admissions at UNC-Chapel Hill, William and Mary, and Niagara University.

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Name:  Amanda Gillis
Title:  Upper School Latin Instructor & Eagle Publication Sponsor
Email:  agillis@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3222

Mrs. Gillis holds a B.A. from East Carolina University and an M.A. from The University of Florida.  Amanda teaches Latin in grades 9-12. She has served the Academy since 2009 and has been an educator since 2000. 

“I teach because I am able to see so much of myself in my students and that inspires me and challenges me everyday.”


  Name:  Nancy Goodrum
Title:  Chair, Science Department
Email: ngoodrum@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3247

Mrs. Goodrum holds a B.A. from Furman University.  Nancy oversees the science curriculum.  She has served the Academy for over 25 years and has been an educator since 1976.

“When people ask me what I teach, I say I teach teenagers–they are fascinating and extraordinary people.  Science is a ‘minds on’ discipline rather than a ‘hands on’ discipline.  This is why our science program is so unique.”


  Name:  Leigh Anne Grice
Title:  Kindergarten Instructor
Email: lgrice@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3114

Mrs. Grice holds a B.A. from Columbia College. Leigh Anne teaches one of two Kindergarten Classes in the Lower School.  She has served the Academy since 1990.

“It speaks volumes that I can say I have looked forward to every day spent in this loving, caring and family oriented environment.”

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 John Harbison -1st Grade Science Instructor Name:  John Harbison
Title:  1st Grade Science Instructor
Email:  jharbison@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3405

Mr. Harbison earned a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1969 and a M.S. in Human Resource Management and Personnel Administration from the University of Utah in 1977. Mr. Harbison has 10 years of teaching experience at the Fayetteville Academy (1997-2007) teaching Middle and Upper School science, math, and technology classes.  For the past three years, John has been a stalwart substitute teacher throughout the entire academy in all disciplines. Welcome back. 


Name:  Deanna Hare
Title:  3rd Grade Instructor
Email:  dhare@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3103
 Mrs. Hare graduated with a B.S. in Education from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. She has been in education since 1980 in grades K-5 and has taught the past 31 years in the Fort Bragg School System.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to make learning come “alive” in a meaningful way for the students!”


  Name:  Lulie Harry
Title:  Chair, History Department
Email:  lharry@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3232

Mrs. Harry holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and a M.A. from Fayetteville State University.  Lulie teaches 7th grade North Carolina History and 11th grade Advanced Placement United States History.   She has served the Academy since 1972 and has been an educator since 1967.

“Fayetteville Academy gives me the academic freedom to truly teach and teaching is my passion.  I love working with FA students because they love to learn.  My students make teaching fun and they challenge me daily with insightful questions.  Thus I am deeply indebted to each of my students for inspiring me to be a better teacher.  It is exciting to plant a “history seed” with my 7th graders in NC History and then see that seed continue to grow with my 11th graders as they embrace the rigors and challenges of our AP curriculum.  It is rewarding to know that our students are going to college with the critical thinking skills and writing skills necessary for success both in college and beyond.”


  Name:  Sue Holden
Title:  Director of Finance and Operations
Email:  sholden@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3310

Mrs. Holden holds B.A.’s from Methodist University and UNC-Pembroke and an M.A. from Fayetteville State University.  Sue oversees all Business related matters including Financial Aid.  She has served the Academy since 1978.

“I love helping Fayetteville Academy be the best it can be.”

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  Name:  Melissa Intini
Title:  Registrar, Executive Assistant to Head of School
Email: mintini@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3302

Ms. Intini holds two Associates Degrees, a B.S. from Drexel University, and a M.P.S. from Penn State.

“I truly love serving the parents, students, and faculty of Fayetteville Academy.  I feel incredibly honored to know that I am learning and growing as an employee with such wonderful people!” 


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   Name:  Lauren Jenkins (FA’02)
 Title:  School Nurse and Administrative Assistant to Lower School
 Email:  ljenkins@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3323

Mrs. Lauren holds a BS in Nursing from East Carolina University. She has been a pediatric nurse for 10 years working in both hospital and clinic settings. She was born and raised in Fayetteville and is a Fayetteville Academy Alumna, Class of ‘02. Working as the school nurse and assistant to Head of the Lower School allows her to have the best of both worlds… working and being a mom!

“Fayetteville Academy is “home” to me.. A great portion of who I am and where I am today is due to my experience, as well as the people I was surrounded with during my time here as a student. I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity to be back and give back to this school. My husband is a FA alumnus, Class of ’02 and our children are both students here at FA. We are proud to be part of the Eagle family!”


  Name:  Alan Johnston
Title:  Upper School Physics & Chemistry Instructor
Email:  ajohnston@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3244

Dr. Johnston earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Math from Concordia College in his home state of Minnesota.  He then matriculated at the University of Nebraska where he earned both a Master’s and a Doctorate in Physics.  Alan joined the Academy in 2011 and now teaches all levels of physics – CP, Honors, and Advanced Placement.

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   Name:  Hamid Kamara
 Title:  Middle School Science Instructor
 Email:  hkamara@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3249

Mr. Kamara holds a B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Biology from the Fayetteville State University. He is currently completing his Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in STEM from Concordia University. Previously, he taught middle grades science in Burlington, NC utilizing technology and project-based learning.

“If there’s anyone in a position to bring positive change into the world every day, it’s a teacher. So, I vow to my incoming student’s to never take my role insignificant. By upholding this vow there is no telling what positive effect I will have on someone’s life, especially a student’s. I will encourage our students to be brave, stay passionate about their learning, and to never give up. I am honored to be joining the Fayetteville Academy Family! “


  Name:  Marymelda Kizer
Title:  Chair, Media Services
Email:  mkizer@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3558/3313

Mrs. Kizer holds a B.A. and M.A.T. from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Marymelda oversees the Lower School through Upper School Media Centers and supports classes that use modern technology in their curriculum. 

“Working in the FA libraries is a terrific job!  I thoroughly enjoy helping the students from PK through 12th grade–every day is a new adventure.”


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Name:  Barbara Lambert ’76
Title:  Director of Admission
Email:  blambert@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3311

Ms. Lambert holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Barbara oversees the admission office for grades pk-12.  She has served the Academy since 1983.

“My own life was incredibly enriched by the many wonderful opportunities I was given as a young person who attended the Academy.  I now love working at Fayetteville Academy because as an alumna whose life was greatly influenced by everyone and everything at this school, it now gives me the chance to perhaps help provide the same opportunities for today’s young people in our community.  It was and remains a joy-filled part of my life in so many ways and I am incredibly grateful to have been a student here as well as a current staff member.  Fayetteville Academy is the ‘gift’ of a lifetime.”


  Name:  Grace L. Lee
Title:  Lower/Middle School Spanish Instructor
Email:  glee@fayacademy.org


Name:  Karin Levesque
Title:  Chair, Physical Education Department
Email:  klevesque@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3551

Ms. Levesque holds a B.S. and an M.A. from Bridgewater State College.  Karin oversees the pk-12 physical education program as well as teaches Lower School physical education.  She has served the Academy since 1990.


  Name:  Connie Long
Title:  2nd Grade Instructor
Email:  clong@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3104

Mrs. Long holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Pembroke State University (UNC-Pembroke). She taught for two years at ASSETS School in Honolulu, HI before moving to Roberson County, where she served for 31 years as a teacher at Pembroke Elementary School.  Mrs. Long’s daughter,Taylor, is currently an Upper School student at the Academy. 


  Name:  Bonnie Lutynski
Title:  Business Office Assistant
Email:  blutynski@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3327

Following her graduation from Terry Sanford H.S., Mrs. Lutynski studied at both Fayetteville Tech and at Elon University. She worked for a total of eight years as a billing representative and a posting specialist for several medical practices in the Fayetteville area.  Mrs. Lutynski has worked as a substitute teacher for the last three years at both Fayetteville Academy and First School Preschool.  Bonnie has two children, Bailey and Sophie, who are currently Lower School students at the Academy. 

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  Name:  Maria Marquez
Title:  Chair, World Languages Department
Email:  mmarquez@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3226

Mrs. Márquez holds a B.A.  and a M.A. from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.  Maria has taught Spanish and French for the past 27 years in public and private institutions. She currently teaches Spanish III, Spanish IV, Spanish V, and AP Spanish. Mrs. Márquez is also the World Languages Department Chair.

“Teaching at the Academy is genuinely rewarding. I believe that everyone has the capacity to learn Spanish and that it only requires desire and discipline. It is very satisfying for me to see the students at the Academy progressively communicating in Spanish”


  Name:  Amanda Martin
Title:  Upper & Middle School Math Instructor & Yearbook Sponsor
Email:  amartin@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3235

Mrs. Martin holds a B.A. from Guilford College and an M.Ed from The University of Southern Maine.  Amanda teaches Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Calculus, and works with the yearbook staff and our online students.  She has served the Academy since 2008 and has been an educator since 2000.

“I love teaching at a small school because I get to know my students and their families in a way that is just not possible at a larger school.  I like being able to tailor my instruction to meet the needs of each student.  I have the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of the school, as well, and I feel that has helped me to grow as a professional.”


  Name:  Lin Matthews
Title:  Chair, Mathematics Department
Email:  lmatthews@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3246

Ms. Matthews holds a B.S. from the State University of New York.  She teaches the Algebra I and Algebra II classes. Ms. Matthews has been an educator since 1968, beginning her career in Maryland. She taught at the Academy the 1974-75 school year, and returned in 2010.  During the years in between, she taught in the Cumberland Co. school system.  

“What a great place to teach, again!  It is a pleasure to work with motivated young people, supportive parents, and to be part of an exceptional faculty and staff.”


  Name:  Andrew McCarthy
Title:  Physical Education Instructor, Head B & G Soccer Coach
Email:  amccarthy@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3550

Mr. McCarthy holds a B.A. and M.A. from Campbell University.  Andrew oversee’s the Boys and Girls Soccer Program and instructs physical education classes.  He has served the Academy since 2000.

“I love to teach at the Academy because we have such amazing students who want to succeed.  I love the small family environment that allows for more interaction with the students, thus creating the ability to have a meaningful impact on their lives.”


  Name:  Tina McLaurin
Title:  Business Office Assistant & Director of After School Care Program
Email:  tmclaurin@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3309


  Name:  Susan Mescall
Title:  5th Grade Instructor
Email:  smescall@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3102

Mrs. Mescall holds a B.S. from Ball State University and a MEd. from Fayetteville State University.  Mrs. Mescall taught 21 years in public education working with second, third, fifth, and middle school students before coming to Fayetteville Academy. She is currently teaching fifth grade.

“I love teaching at the Academy.  The supportive staff and parents are a joy!  The students enjoy being challenged and that makes teaching an adventure every day!”

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  Name:  Jessica Osnoe
Title:  Upper School English Instructor
Email:  josnoe@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3327
Ms. Osnoe holds a B.A. in English from Campbell University and an M.A. in English Literature from NC State University. She has taught for a total of eight years at N.C. State, Campbell, Grace College of Divinity, and most recently for five years at the Cumberland International Early College High School. Ms. Osnoe is also very involved in our local theater community and was named as one of the Fayetteville Observer’s “40 Under 40” this past spring. 


 Name:  Lionel Ownsworth
 Title:  5th Grade Instructor
 Email:  lownsworth@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3101

After 25+ years of travel and international teaching experiences, Mr. Ownsworth brings a ‘Best Practices’ approach to his classroom anchored by rigorous academics enhanced by student-centered inquiry and Project-Based Learning dynamics. Mr. O. has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degree from Canada, a Graduate Degree in Education from Australia, and he is a Certified Teacher. 

‘Think, discover, create, innovate, design, engineer, apply, problem-solve, and collaborate, are just some of the words I would associate with the classroom dynamic I try to create. As Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind.” 

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  Name:  Liz Prince
Title:  4th Grade Instructor
Email:  lprince@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3105

Mrs. Prince holds a B.S. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  After teaching 1st grade, Liz will be teaching 4th grade for the 2016-2017 school year. She has served the Academy since 2010 and has been an educator since 1989.

“I love teaching at Fayetteville Academy for so many reasons.  It is so refreshing to work with students who are eager to learn.  I love watching them when they have those “light bulb moments” and grasp a new concept.  I love the way the students encourage each other to do their best.  I love knowing that this group of children has the power to change the world for the better because they care about each other and about becoming people.  I also love teaching at the Fayetteville Academy because of the faculty.  The people who teach here come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.  This makes for a lot of fun, and provides me with an intellectually stimulating environment.  I get up every day and look forward to spending the day with my school family.”

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  Name:  Ray Quesnel
Title:  Head of School
Email:  rquesnel@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3303

Ray Quesnel is the Head of School. He has served in that role since his appointment in 2012. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1989 with a degree in mathematics. He has worked in two other independent schools in North Carolina since then. His prior positions held include Assistant Headmaster, Academic Dean, Athletic Director, Upper School math teacher, and coach. Mr. Quesnel and his wife, Wendy, have two grown children, Kelly and Jonathan.

“The opportunity to come to school every day knowing that you can make a difference in the lives of children has been the most important motivating force in my professional life. To do so in a challenging, yet nurturing environment like we have at the Academy makes it a true family experience. It is wonderful to reflect back, knowing that you have played a role in the life and development of so many children, but it is even more exciting to consider the impact you may have on the future.”  


  Name:  Wendy Quesnel
Title:  Upper School Math Instructor
Email:  wquesnel@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3231

Mrs. Quesnel has a B.A. from the University of Vermont.  She has been an educator in independent schools for over 20 years and has been at Fayetteville Academy since 2013.

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  Name:  Christie Rains
Title:  School Counselor (Guidance)
Email:  crains@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3329

Mrs. Rains holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Georgia State University.  She also holds an M.A. in Criminal Justice from American Public University and an M.Ed. in school counseling from American Military University.  After serving a year-long internship with Ms. McCabe at F.A. last year, Mrs. Rains received her NC School Counselor License in June.  Prior to last year, she has worked for five years as a teacher, curriculum specialist, and assistant director at Primrose School at Eagles’ Landing in Stockbridge, GA, and for six years total at Department of Defense Schools in Germany and at the U.S. Army Child, Youth, and School Services in Germany, Arizona, and Ft. Bragg. 


  Name:  Deborah Reavis
Title:  Chair, Fine Arts Department
Email:  dreavis@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3555

Ms. Reavis holds a B.S. from Appalachian State University.  She oversees the Fine Arts department and teaches grades 8-12.   She has served the Academy since 1999 and has been an educator since 1993.

“I love teaching at the Academy because I love my students; I enjoy watching their eyes light up when they get a brilliant idea or see them sweat a bit after they have worked really hard on an assignment or project.  I have the most amazing job in the world because I get to witness how creative and smart our students are on a daily basis.  Here at Fayetteville Academy the students listen, question, experiment and think critically to creatively solve visual problems to create art.  I feel supported here, not only by my students, but by my fellow teachers and parents too.”


  Name:  Kristin Reeder
Title:  Grades 1-5 Science
Email:  kreeder@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3404


  Name:  Laura Harsant Reeves
Title:  Lower School & 7th Grade Art Instructor
Email: lreeves@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3107

After studying Foundations and Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design for two years, Mrs. Reeves earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Art Education from UNC-Pembroke.  She teaches Art to grades Pre-K through 5th, as well as 7th grade.  She has 8 years of teaching experience in the Cumberland County public school system, and she has been at the Academy since 2014.

“I am so excited to be teaching at the Fayetteville Academy!  The small and family-oriented atmosphere, high academic standards, and strong arts program are all what drew me to teach at the Academy.  I truly love my subject matter, and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm about art with all my students.  My goal is to instill and nurture a life-long appreciation for and interest in fine art, design, and craft.”


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  Name:  Christine Sappington
Title:  Upper School Science Instructor
Email:  csappington@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3241

Mrs. Sappington holds a B.S. from Greensboro College and is EMT-B Certified.  She has served the Academy for since 2005 and has been an educator since 2001.

“I smile everyday when I wake up and know I have another day to mentor students at the Academy.”


  Name:  Virginia Satisky

Title:  Head of Middle School & Middle School Science Instructor

Email:  vsatisky@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3321

Mrs. Satisky holds a B.S. from East Carolina University and an M.A. from Fayetteville State University.  Virginia is the Head of the Middle School and teaches Science 6.  She has served the Academy since 1975.

“Fayetteville Academy affords exceptional opportunities not only for our students but for the teachers who work with them daily in their respective classes.  The on-going relationships, both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, allow the teachers to truly get to know their students.  The cooperation between parents and teachers contributes to our ability to effectively educate these amazing young people.  There is no better place to teach!”


  Name:  Wanda Siewers
Title:  Academy Administrative Assistant
Email: wsiewers@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3301

“I love getting to know the students, parents and faculty and staff.  I love being a part of a school that offers such wonderful opportunities for students. “


 NOID1Q01390 Name:  Debi Smith
Title:  Chair, Technology Department, LS Technology Instructor
Email:  dsmith@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3403

Mrs. Smith holds a B.S. from Methodist University.  She teaches pk-7th grade computer classes and has served the Academy since 1990.

“I love teaching technology to the students at the Academy.  They are all so energetic and eager to learn.  Their enthusiasm is what gets me through the day and energizes me to find new and interesting things for students to do using computers as tools to learning.  In addition, the family feeling from the faculty, staff, and the school-wide community as a whole is second to none.”


  Name:  Jeff Smith
Title:  Middle and Upper School History Instructor
Email:  jsmith@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3233

Mr. Smith holds a B.A. from Denison University and an M.A. from Park University. Jeff teaches 9th grade Government, Advance Placement European History, and other Upper School History courses.  Mr. Smith has served the Academy since 2004.


 Name:  Cindy Stanbridge
 Title:  Middle School Math Instructor
 Email: cstanbridge@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3228

Mrs. Stanbridge received a B.S. in Intermediate Education with a concentration in math and her M.A. in Intermediate Education from Fayetteville State University.  She has 42 years of teaching experience in grades 4-7 in both public and private school in Cumberland County. She taught 4th grade at Fayetteville Academy for seven years after retiring from the public school system.

I am excited to be returning to Fayetteville Academy as the 6th grade mathematics and 7th grade pre-algebra teacher. It is a privilege to work with such great people.


  Name:  Kara Strauch
Title:  Pre-Kindergarten Instructor
Email:  kstrauch@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3115
Ms. Strauch holds a B.A. from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a masters in reading education from University of North Carolina at Pembroke . She teaches pre-kindergarten, has served the Academy since 2013, and has been an educator since 2006.  Ms. Strauch has presented at the North Carolina Reading Association Conference and the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools Conference.  She is currently the president of the Cross Creek Council of the North Carolina Reading Association.  She has initiated, planned, and implemented the annual Dr. Suess Family Night for the Lower School since 2015.  Her son, Benjamin, is a current student in the Lower School.

“With everything Fayetteville Academy has to offer staff and families, I feel like we are one giant family.”


NOID1Q11059  Name:  Myrtle Summers
Title:  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Science Instructor
Email:  msummers@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3404

Mrs. Summers holds a B.S. and M.A. from Fayetteville State University.  She teaches pre-kindergarten and kindergarten science.  Mrs. Summers has served the Academy since 2006 and an educator since 1975.

“Fayetteville Academy is a place where teachers can teach and students are motivated to learn.”

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  Name:  Brenda Thomas
Title:  2nd Grade Instructor
Email:  bthomas@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3111

Mrs.Thomas holds a B.A. from UNC-Greensboro.  She teaches one of the two 2nd grade classes.  Mrs. Thomas has served the Academy since 2005 and has been an educator since 1974.

“My years at the Academy have refreshed my spirit and made me realize why I began teaching so many years ago.  The smaller class sizes allow me to give personal attention to each child.  I also have the freedom to use the teaching techniques that I know are successful.  This school is a continually working together for the common good.”


  Name:  David Tisdale
Title:  Director of Academic Technology
Email:  dtisdale@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3317

Mr. Tisdale holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems from East Carolina University.  He has worked as an Information Technology (IT) consultant for clients such as Centura Bank and Microsoft.  Mr. Tisdale also worked as a programmer and Operations Manager for a company who hosted Blackboard and other Course Management Systems (CMS) for colleges across the country and as a Business Analyst for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.  Mr. Tisdale, a native of Fayetteville, is married to Karen and has three children Dawson, Jackson, and Callie.

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 Valcarcel Name:  Lee Ann Valcarcel
Title:  Choral Music Instructor
Email:  lvalcarcel@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3556
 Mrs. Valcarcel is the Choir Director, Lower School Music teacher, and Drama instructor at Fayetteville Academy. Under her direction, the Fayetteville Academy choirs have earned superior ratings, awards, and accolades at national competitions and have been invited to perform with some of the finest musicians in the community including the Methodist University Chorale and the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.  LeeAnn earned her Bachelor Degree in Music Education at Stetson University School of Music, and has begun her Masters in Choral Conducting at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Recently Mrs. Valcarcel spent a year as the associate conductor of the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio where she had the opportunity to work alongside world renown conductor and master teacher, Dr. Doreen Rao. She has also worked extensively in the local theatre community working as a music director, pianist, and actor at both the Gilbert Theatre and Cape Fear Regional Theatre. Some of Mrs. Valcarcel’s credits include Young Frankenstein, Rent, Spitfire Grill, Once Upon a Mattress, A Christmas Carol, Seussical Jr., The Lion King KIDS, and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Mrs. Valcarcel’s family includes her husband, Tony, her son Noah, who is a student at Fayetteville Academy, and her daughter Marlena, who is a future student of Fayetteville Academy. 


   Name:  Mary Vanderzell
 Title:  Upper School English Instructor
 Email:  mvanderzell@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3225


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  Name:  Donald Warren
Title:  Latin Instructor
Email:  dwarren@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3248

Mr. Warren holds a B.S. and a B.A. from Methodist University, an M.A. from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, and a post-graduate certificate from The Methodist Theological School in Ohio. He teaches Exploratory Latin, Latin 1A, and Latin 1B. He worked for a number of years as a substitute teacher at the Fayetteville Academy and in the Cumberland County Schools, and has been involved in our After School Care program since 2010, prior to joining the faculty in 2015. He serves part-time as a pastor in The United Methodist Church in addition to his duties at the Academy. Mr. Warren attended the Academy as a Lower School student from 1981 to 1984, and is a second-generation Academy educator, following his mother Linda Warren, who taught 5th grade from 2004 to 2014.  Mr. Warren is a third-generation educator, having parents and grandparents who made teaching their life-long careers.

“I love the close-knit community environment of The Fayetteville Academy and the privilege of getting to know students well over the years they are here.  As a Pre-K – 12 institution, students and staff get to interact throughout the entire course of a student’s school career, from age 4 until graduation. The Academy also places a supreme emphasis on college preparation through a rigorous academic curriculum that is focused on learning and developing the ability to think critically and analytically, which are skills that are so critically needed in 21st century America. Testing and assessments do not get in the way of acquiring knowledge and skills that will benefit students for life. I am honored to be a part of a fantastic faculty at a truly unique and gifted institution.”


  Name:  Paul Washburn
Title:  Upper School English Instructor
Email:  pwashburn@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3223

Mr. Washburn holds a B.A. from Binghamton University and an M.A. from Cornell University.  He teaches 11-12th grade English, has served the Academy since 2010, and has been an educator since 2002.

“Prior to accepting my position here at the Academy, I was a professor at a state university in New York.  I have no desire to go back to N.Y., or to higher education.  I have found a place here that is more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and more rewarding than what I’d previously experienced.  I wouldn’t trade the collegiality of the faculty and staff, the collective vivacity of the students, or the sheer richness of the community for any perceived respectability of a professorship.  I have found my niche and I am content.”


  Name:  Rob Weel
Title:  Director of Facilities
Email:  rweel@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3561

Mr. Weel holds an Associate in Technology from Pierce Community College in Washington and is currently working on a B.S. in Criminal Justice at Fayetteville State University. He is the Director of Facilities and Grounds and is a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager attaining his certification from the Association for Facilities Engineering. He has served the Academy since 2015. Mr. Weel is married to Michelle and has a daughter Anna and son Robert who is an Upper School student at Fayetteville Academy.

“Fayetteville Academy has given me several things: the chance to be close to my son who I missed growing up due to deployments, a great opportunity to transition from a military family to a civilian family, and to keep my mind and hands busy bringing new life to the structures that facilitate the education of our kids”


 Name:  Suzanna West
 Title:  Pre-Kindergarten Instructor
 Email:  swest@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3112



  Name:  Pat Williford
Title:  Bookkeeper
Email:  pwilliford@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3308


 Name:  Andrew “Drew” Wright
 Title:  Head of Upper School
 Email:  awright@fayacademy.org
 Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3320


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  Name:  Amanda Young
Title:  1st Grade Instructor
Email:  ayoung@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3108

Mrs. Young joins our faculty after several years of involvement as a substitute teacher and parent volunteer at F.A.  She received an A.A. degree from Louisburg College and also holds a B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Elementary Education from Methodist University.  Mrs. Young has five years of experience as a full-time teacher at Northwood Temple Academy and Glendale Acres.  She has also received Gesell training and her certification in that program.  Her two children, Ashlyn and Kenneth, are currently students in our Lower School. 

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Name:  Angela “Angie” Zahran
Title:  Kindergarten Instructor
Email:  azahran@fayacademy.org
Phone:  910-868-5131, ext. 3113

Mrs. Zahran received her B.A. degree from Elon University. She is joining us after 32 years of service with Cumberland County Schools. She will be teaching Kindergarten .

” I see the Academy as an opportunity to meet the needs of the “whole child ” in a developmental as well as academic environment. Allowing children to grow academically, at their own pace, establishes a strong foundation for lifelong confident learning!!”

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