Service Trip to Guatemala has deep meaning for academy seniors

June 25, 2011


Ten rising Seniors (Sita Chandra, Abby DeGaetano, Robbie Hardie, Josh Horowitz, Sammy Horowitz, Clay Long, Shelby Miller, Valery Stern-Rand, Mallory Sanborn, and Megan Villegas) spent the first two weeks of their summer vacation in Guatemala working with a women’s clinic supported by the Raleigh based Curamericas Global.  Chaperones, World Language Head Maria Lopez-Larios and  Upper School Head Bruce Sanborn, would like to thank all those who purchased Fayetteville Academy Value and Identification Cards, along with other fundraising efforts making the service trip possible.  It was an experience that will last a lifetime.


Students were very much welcomed and appreciated in the local villages they visited.  They provided donated medical supplies from Fayetteville physicians and brought soccer balls for the children they met.  It is hoped that this will be an annual event for Academy students in grades 10-12 to gain first-hand experience of Mayan culture, practice their Spanish, and help provide basic medical care to an area where it is severely lacking.  Many of the students expressed an interest in returning next year.


Known previously as the ‘Triangle of Death’ due to the high infant death rate, the mountainous and isolated Mayan communities first experienced electricity 15 years ago and roads, albeit very bumpy, only a few years previously.  Students traveled in 4-wheel drive trucks to multiple Mayan communities 9,000 feet above sea level assisting in vaccinations and newborn medicine dispersals, prenatal check-ups, weighing and recording the weight of babies and toddlers, and health care classes in area schools.  Students were even able to observe the delivery of a breech baby emergency delivery.


The Curamerica Global trip leader, Andrew Herrera, made sure everyone was safe, well feed, and laughing most of the trip.  A construction project to expand the base clinic, home check-ups for malnourished children, language lessons, soccer and basketball games with the locals, cultural emersion and sightseeing days rounded out the fun, rewarding adventure, and service learning opportunity.


For more information about service opportunities locally and abroad, please contact

Bruce Sanborn, Head of Upper School at 910-868-5131.

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