Advanced placement results are in: FA students continue to excel on Ap Exams

July 14, 2011

Students and faculty are to be congratulated for their fine efforts in preparation for the Advanced Placement examinations this year.  A summary of the 106 AP exams taken in May (scored on a 1-5 scale with 3 considered a passing grade and possible college credit) include the following highlights:

  • 76% of the exams taken received a 3 or higher compared to a low of 55% in 2005 and 62% last year making this year one of the best ever.  The global passing rate (all students taking AP exams) never exceeds 60%.
  • 50% of the exams taken received a 4 or 5, well above global norms.  The highest percentage of 5's was achieved.  21% of the exams received a 5 this year compared to only 6% in 2005 or the previous high of 20% in 2008.
  • Eight of the ten AP subject areas saw a rise in their median score compared to last year.  In one of the subject areas that did not achieve a higher median score, there was still a 100% passing rate.
  • 66% of the seniors, 71% of the juniors, and 41% of the sophomores took at least one AP exam.  It is assumed that these percentages far surpass students taking AP exams at other local schools that are reluctant to share any AP information about participation or passing rates in the nationally recognized Advanced Placement Program.

While there is always room for improvement, the results suggest Academy students are soaring towards excellence with the recent scores.

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