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 Gifts to the Fayetteville Academy can be made by cash, check, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), Donate Online secure giving site, or If you prefer to mail your gift, make checks payable to Fayetteville Academy and mail to: 3200 Cliffdale Rd., Fayetteville, NC  28303

Matching Gifts

Many corporations have matching gift programs that support various nonprofit organizations, including Fayetteville Academy. The company for which you or your spouse works may match any cash or stock gift you make – sometimes on a $2-for-$1 basis, or more. Check with your company’s business office for specifics.

Appreciated Securities

For those who own securities or other capital assets that have appreciated in value, transferring this asset to Fayetteville Academycan result in significant tax savings for the donor. You may obtain a tax deduction for the full value of the asset, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income, and avoid paying capital gains tax if the asset were to have been sold.

Planned Gifts

Planned or deferred gifts are another way to make a gift to Fayetteville Academy while meeting the long-term needs of your estate planning. Such contributions may include gifts of cash, securities, tangible property, real estate or life insurance. Gifts may be made through bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts.

Did you know?

 Fayetteville Academy is an institution with a 501 (c)(3) classification allowing donations to be tax deductible as permitted by current tax laws. 

F.A. School Cancellation/Delay/Dismissal Procedures

Dear F.A. Family,

With Hurricane Irma approaching the U.S. coastline, it seems like an appropriate time to remind you of the notification system that we employ in the event of a school cancellation, delayed opening, or early dismissal. If the school schedule is affected by any factors, weather-related or other, we will share the information in the following ways:

  1. The first place that any announcement will be posted will be on the school website at Any further changes or updates will also be posted to the website first. The school’s website is the best and most reliable place to check for the most current updates.
  1. E-mails and texts will be sent to all parents, students, and members of the faculty and staff, using the contact information that we currently have listed in our RenWeb system. At your earliest convenience, please check to verify that your contact information in RenWeb is up-to-date.
  1. We will then push out any announcements through our school’s main Facebook and Twitter pages. If you do not already follow Fayetteville Academy on those sites, we recommend that you do so, and if possible, adjust your settings to keep F.A. announcements at the top of your feeds.
  1. Announcements will also be shared with local television stations (WTVD, WRAL, NBC Channel 17, and Channel 14) if they are listing such school announcements at the time in question. The television announcements that we can post can at times be a bit less reliable and informative regarding specific situation details.
  1. Due to power outages or other unexpected conditions, please understand that some of the methods above may not always be available to us. We will do everything possible to use all the methods listed, but we ask that you check as many as possible during possible times of crisis.

A few other important reminders and requests:

  • Because our students and families come from such a wide area, weather (or other) conditions can vary greatly in Fayetteville and in the areas in which our students live. Even if school is going to be in session, please make the best and safest decision for your child. If you feel that it would not be safe for your student(s) to get to school, please keep them home. In such a situation, they will not be charged with an absence from school, and they will have the opportunity to make up any missed work or assignments.
  • Please do not contact members of the school’s faculty, staff, or administrative team directly with questions about impending decisions. As soon as a decision is made, it will be shared – as described above – with our entire community. It would slow down both our decision-making and communicating processes if we were to answer individual requests and decisions. Please know that we are not being rude or uncaring if we do not respond, but we will be trying to serve our entire school community in the best way that we can.
  • We do not make any decisions about schedule changes without great thought nor without considering all information that we have available to us. It is often an inexact science in the best of situations. We will always make those decisions with the safety of our community members as our primary focus. We are also aware of the hardships that schedule changes can put on the members of our community, and we do consider that, as well as many other factors when making such decisions.

Please contact the appropriate school administrator if you have any questions regarding the F.A. emergency notification process. I wish everyone security and safety in the days ahead.

Ray Quesnel
Head of School


Fayetteville Academy

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Fayetteville Academy admits qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religion in the administration of admissions, educational policies, financial aid, athletic programs, or other activities.

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